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Umlazi Marketplace
A centre for trade in a peri-urban township
ASF-UK + Oxford Brookes Bachelor of Architecture Design Research Studio
Durban, South Africa
Leslie Jones Construction Prize / Oxford Brookes University
Role: Project Author (student)
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Umlazi Marketplace is speculative proposal for centre of trade in Umlazi Township near Durban, South Africa. It was produced after field work conducted with Architecture Sans Frontieres UK and Beat the Boundaries.


Field research was conducted using Participatory Rapid Appraisal methods, under the guidance of a Ekukhoseleni, local artists collective. Major social, economic, urban and health issues were mapped, and informed a discrete design proposal addressing systemic issues. 


The proposal responds to myriad issues including food security, water-borne disease, drug addiction, public safety, unemployment, domestic violence and social inclusion. It offers a phased approach to the development of an urban marketplace in a key point of convergence for foot and vehicle traffic. Included are strategies for food production, economic participation, water collection and purification, social events, sports, play and performance.

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