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ReActivate Latrobe Valley
Organisation gathering and testing creative ideas for local spaces and economies
Initially generated through the OUTR Research Lab
Latrobe City, Victoria
Role: Researcher (2015-16), Project Coordinator (2017-18)
Get Sunflowered.jpg

ReActivate Latrobe Valley started in 2011 when the RMIT Office of Urban Transformations Research (OUTR) commenced an innovative project in the Latrobe Valley region. The research-led initiative was designed to look at best-practice strategies for supporting the area to transition away from a reliance on coal. It called upon some of the brightest minds across the globe and implemented their ideas hand-in-hand with the local community.

For six years, OUTR invested in the Latrobe Valley under the leadership of Rosalea Monacella and Craig Douglas. During this time, the team delivered a range of successful projects, including the award-winning GetSunflowered installations, Spring and Winter Night Festivals, the 50 Miles Farmer’s Markets and a series of support structures for local creatives.

Work completed by KBSP for ReActivate Latrobe Valley:

  • Initiation & coordination of Get Stuffed Local Food Network

  • Strategic planning, organisational transition to social enterprisetrategic P

  • ReActivate web development & management

  • Communications & marketing co-management:

    • social media

    • subscriber communications

    • tradition media writing

    • print media design 

  • ReActivate Base crowdfunding platform set-up

  • Successful crowdfunding campaign co-management:

    • video production​

    • concept development & communication

    • reward development & delivery

    • social media & promotions

    • graphic design

  • Photography (promotions, project documentation)

  • Volunteer co-coordination & engagement

  • Partnerships & program development

  • Public speaking

See more on the ReActivate website

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