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Joe Espresso
A design development package for a micro cafe
Private consultancy
Brisbane, Queensland
Role: Lead Architect
JESP1506_Proposed Elevation_Trading-01-0

Joe Espresso is a design concept and development for a micro cafe on a challenging site in Brisbane. The site demanded the negotiation of three level changes in close proximity, and a tiny floor plate for the barista floor.

The design proposed an extension of the floor plate at the mid-level to allow for both workspace and a small seating nook. The upper level was designated as an outdoor seating area, accessible via a small staircase proposed behind the wall of an existing small concrete bunker, currently housing letterboxes and a doorway. Storage space was included beneath the working floor of the micro cafe, accessible via a repositioned stair or the existing sloped footpath.


Special attention was paid to spatial efficiency, greening of the space through a 'shell'  that enable climbing vines to engulf it, and cosideration of passive solar design strategies to manage thermal comfort for workers.

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