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Immaterial Topographies
mapping the hydrology in an unmappable landscape
RMIT Masters of Landscape Architecture Design Research Seminar
Lake Eyre, South Australia
Role: Project Author (student)
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Immaterial Topographies is a set of maps charting intangible qualities of Lake Eyre, Australia. This was a design research project which explored the agency of mapping as a tool for eliciting new understandings of spatial phenomena.

First extensive analysis of primary cartographic material and geological data formed the basis for the development of a field research methodology. Field research was then conducted over a period of 4 days at Lake Eyre. 


Samples and measurements taken in the field informed an understanding of site phenomena. This was then extrapolated to the scale of continental mappings, guided by understandings from the first phase of research. 

View full project document below.


Immaterial Topographies

The Maps

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