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Get Stuffed Food Network
A new food network for the Latrobe Valley
ReActivate Latrobe Valley Initiative (link)
Latrobe City, Victoria
2016 - present
Role: Project Manager

Get Stuffed Food Network is a food networked launched in the Latrobe Valley in 2016, focused on job creation, food access and social cohesion. It is comprised of five intiatives:

  1. The 50 Mile Farmers Market & Directory - local producer marketplace

  2. Get Herbed - local food growing entrepreneurship and land sharing

  3. Get Growing - organic food growing and education

  4. Get Swapped - decentralised excess produce sharing

  5. Get Cheffed - live competitive local foodie event


Get Stuffed is about strengthening the local food economy, creating jobs and improving community health. The Latrobe Valley has an unemployment rate of 9.6% (at July, 2016) and one of the highest rates of obesity in the country at 75%. By alleviating income inequality through job creation and skill building, we are tackling the root causes of poor health. We're also making fresh, locally produced food more abundant and accessible in the process.


Work KBSP completed for Get Stuffed:

  • pilot funding procurement through Vic-Health accelerator program

  • initiative scoping, strategy, and coordination

  • community engagement

  • social media strategy & delivery

  • website development

  • promo photography

  • volunteer engagement & coordination

  • partnership development

  • graphic design: signage, labeling, promotional material

  • newsletter writing + subscriber communications

  • online booking management

  • public speaking (radio)

  • written media

Read more on the Get Stuffed website

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