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Camp Ragamuffin
A gathering based on collective organising and participation
Independent production
Foster, Victoria
Role: Co-Producer, Site Manager

Camp Ragamuffin was a gathering of 130 people over New Years Eve on the land of the Brataualung Clan, on Gunai Kurnai country. The philosophy was to create an event that 'loose but not violent', that got better with more participation from punters, and that diverted any excess income to advocacy and community work that had an impact on the place it was held. 

For a very low cost, participants got a 2-day experience filled with fun and games, performances and live music, 3 square meals, and a bunch of new mates. We even covered our costs and raised $1000 which was donated to the fantastic work of The Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance and The VRI.

Photo credits: Eike Zimmerman, Thomas Hall

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