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Consistencies and Transmutations
A method for experiencing, describing, and navigating space through embodiment
RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture Design Research Seminar
Melbourne, Victoria
Role: Project Author (student)

Consistencies and Transmutations is an exploration of embodiment, affect and space. The relationship between the mode of occupying and moving through space, and the perception of it was tested through a series of documented exercises. Perceptions, projections and instructions were captured through drawing, and the resulting sensibilities informed the design of a game to be deployed in the experience of a new space.

Collectivisation of experience was a focus, and an effort was made to explore ways to challenge the supremacy of binary, 'individual experience' of space. By controlling the use of senses, devices and the bodies of others, movement through space was treated as a vehicle for a collective cognitive mapping and navigation. 

The Free Radical toolkit is the output of this process. It proposes a complete kit of parts and instructions to enable this method of collective understanding of space to be deployed by any group of 3 individuals.

View sketch book, and full project document below.

FINAL Folio_Page_001.jpg

Consistencies and Trandsmutations

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Black Box:

On Aerial Lifespan

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