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Tertiary Coursework
Sessional teaching into coursework design units
RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology
Queensland and Victoria
2008 - present
Role: Sessional Academic

Tertiary Coursework units taught in various design schools constitute the formative experiences in a developing teaching practice for KBSP. Units taught include:

Royal Melbourne​ University of Technology

  • Theoretical Frameworks 1 (yr 1, Landscape Architecture - student work shown on this page)

  • Theoretical Frameworks 2 (yr 2, Landscape Architecture)

Queensland University of Technology

  • Introducing Design (yr 1, multi- disciplinary)

  • Architectural Design Studio (yr 1, Architecture)

  • Landscape Architectural Design Studio (yr 1, Landscape Architecture)

  • Visualisation Methods (yr 1, Interior Design)

  • Visualisation Methods (yr 1, Architecture)

  • Visualisation Methods (yr 1, Landscape Architecture)

  • Collaborative Design (yr 3, multi-disciplinary)

University of Melbourne

  • Architectural Design Studio (yr 2, Architecture)

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